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Mewing: How to Be More Attractive, Breathe Better and Live Longer

In this episode, I chatted with lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics, Dr. Mike Mew. His focus is on the growth and development of the face and how changes in posture, function, and muscle tone relate to orthodontic problems.

We spoke about why people have crooked teeth and what that means for health, face structure, and attractiveness. Dr. Mike shared what people can do to fix their teeth and face issues and the research behind it.

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[0:00] Intro
[1:14] Why Dr. Mike Is Being Investigated & Why Teeth Are Crooked
[4:41] A Healthy Face Is An Attractive Face
[9:15] Your Face Is Your Identity & You Can Change it
[11:15] What Causes Face Problems & What You Can Do About Them
[14:21] You Get Strong Jaw Muscles From Using Them
[18:09] Why You Need to Close Your Mouth
[24:50] Do This to Improve Your Looks
[27:53] Why Young Men Are Doing This
[30:12] The Truth About Wisdom Teeth
[36:28] Why Sleep Apnea Is Killing Us
[40:22] Sleep Apnea & ADHD
[44:53] Modern Medicine Wants You Sick
[47:06] Mewing Has Taken Off
[53:06] What You Can Do About Your Child’s Teeth
[56:35] The Top Secret Mouth Exercise
[58:14] Chew Gum and Tape Your Mouth
[1:03:36] Suckling vs. Swallowing Demo
[1:05:38] How to Mew Properly
[1:09:25] Do This if You’re Over 25
[1:14:30] Why Dr. Mike Is Being Criticized
[1:16:54] The Dangers of Conventional Orthodontists

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