Evolutionary Psychologist's Advice on Relationships

In this episode, I chatted with evolutionary psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Miller. Geoffrey is an author and researcher widely known for studying sexual selection in human evolution.

We spoke about the dynamics of men and women and women in the context of dating and relationships. I asked him about monogamy from an evolutionary perspective and what traits men and women look for and find attractive in the opposite sex.


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[0:00] Intro
[1:58] How Women Compete For Men
[6:57] Temperaments & Female Behavior
[9:49] Effective Altruism Vs. Virtue Signaling
[15:15] Personality Traits of a Psychopath
[21:02] White Collar Sociopaths
[23:48] Evolutionary Reasons For Lying
[28:52] What Can Men Learn From Pickup Artists?
[31:15] The Traits That Attract Women
[35:39] Did Humans Evolve For Monogamy?
[39:11] How Men Choose Long-Term Mates
[43:07] Why Men “Drift Along” In Relationships
[45:07] What Traits Are Women Attracted To?
[47:14] Humour VS. Height For Guys
[49:27] Key Traits For A Successful Relationship
[52:54] Why Borderline Personality Disorder Can Be Attractive
[55:47] Dangers of Rewarding Mental Illness