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Cutting Edge Anti-Aging Treatments and What You Can Do Too

Dr. Adeel Khan is a regenerative sports medicine specialist from the University of Toronto. He focuses on science-based bodybuilding and dispels popular gimmick-based approaches to health and fitness.

In this episode, I spoke with fellow Canadian Dr. Adeel Khan. Dr. Khan is a scientist and entrepreneur who focuses mainly on Stem Cell therapy. We chatted about the applications of stem cell therapy, FTM, botox, boob job alternatives, and NAD infusions.

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[0:00] Intro
[2:13] What Is A Stem Cell, And Where Do They Come From
[4:27] Can Stem Cell Therapy And FMT Prevent Aging?
[10:02] Therapeutic Applications For Stem Cell Therapy
[15:38] Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Fecal Matter Transplant
[19:43] What Are Peptides and What Do They Do
[23:52] The Dangers Of Botox And Alternatives
[28:10] Boob Job Alternatives
[29:21] The Cost of Stem Cell Therapy
[32:03] The Truth About Organ Transplants
[39:06] Does Red Light Therapy Work?
[43:09] NAD And Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
[48:47] Why Dr. Khan Got Into Regenerative Medicine
[50:06] What Can The Regular Person Do For Anti-Aging?
[53:11] Meditation And Sleep
[54:52] Sauna’s, Cold Plunges & Breathing Techniques
[59:32] Medicine Shortage’s In Canada
[1:02:00] The Worst Things You Can Do For Aging
[1:05:36] Issues With Medicinal Regulation
[1:06:45] Miami, Dubai & Austin Vs. Toronto For Running A Business