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What Antidepressant Withdrawal Is Really Like

In this episode I spoke with speaker, author and Food Network “Chopped” champion Brooke Siem. An award-winning chef, Brooke Siem is also an advocate for the safe de-prescribing of antidepressants. “May Cause Side Effects”, her debut memoir, chronicles her own experiences with antidepressants, withdrawal, and learning the skill of happiness. 

We spoke about Brooke’s experience with psychiatric medications and the horrific withdrawal she went through when she came off them. I talk about my experience and my Dad’s experience with psych med withdrawal and Brooke shares what people need to know about taking psychiatric medications and coming off them.

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[0.00] Intro
[2:36] Brooke’s Experience With Medications And Withdrawal
[8:09] Brooke Describes Intrusive Thoughts
[11:21] Mikhaila’s withdrawal symptoms
[14:42] Withdrawal Timeline
[21:01] Why Doctors Are Not Talking About This
[24:30] Recommendations For People Currently On Medications
[29:37] Brooke’s Side Effects From Medications
[35:19] We Don’t Really Know What SSRI’s Do
[41:14] Research Around Violence And Psyche Meds
[43:48] Percentage of People Who Have Bad Withdrawals
[49:22] Emotional and Psychological Fall Out From Being On Psyche Meds
[56:51] The Ups and Downs Of Getting Through Withdrawal
[58:04] Jordan Peterson’s Withdrawal Experience
[1:06:29] Mikhaila Recalls When and Why She Got Put On Psyche Meds
[1:08:56] Brooke’s Book And Her Mission
[1:11:24] Tapering Off Psych Meds

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