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Cults: From Tom Cruise To Adolf Hitler

In this episode I spoke with cult exposure expert, author and activist Rick Alan Ross. We delved into the phenomenon of the different types of cults and why people join them. Rick explains how cults operate and how to identify them as well as the deprogramming process that he uses. Specifically we discussed “Scientology”, “NXIVM”, and the “Unification Church” as well as historical cult leaders.

Rick is a long cult expert and deprogrammer. He is the founder of the “Cult Education Institute” and author of the book “Cults Inside Out”. Thanks for tuning in.

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[0:00] Pre Roll
[2:14] Intro & Background
[4:18] Exposing Keith Raniere and the NXIVM cult
[5:59] The Difference Between a Cult and A Religion
[8:37] The Dangers That Come With Exposing Cults
[9:52] Personality of Cult Leaders
[16:00] Where The Phrase “You Drank The Cool Aid” Came From
[19:31] The Growth Of Cults Online
[20:32] What Type Of Person Ends Up In A Cult?
[23:47] Recognizing A Cult & Influence Techniques
[30:31] The Most Popular Cults In America
[33:34] The Truth About Scientology
[38:05] Cult Deprogramming
[49:25] The “Exit Cost” Of Leaving A Cult
[53:19] The Most Destructive Cults
[56:42] Different Specific Types of Cults
[1:02:39] Is QAnon A Cult?
[1:06:29] Cult Like Characteristics Of MLM Companies
[1:11:36] Political Associations and Cult like Behaviour
[1:15:15] Female Cult Leaders
[1:20:51] Historic Cult Leaders

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