Concentration Camps, Drug Use, and Solar Panels

In this episode I was joined by bestselling author and social commentator Michael Shellenberger. We spoke about the social issues in California, the real reasons for the energy crisis in Europe, and the problems with so-called sustainable energy. We also got into the homeless issue, the drug problem and lifestyle solutions.

Michael is the author of multiple books including, “Apocalypse Never” and bestseller, “San Fran-sicko”. He ran for Governor of California in 2022 and  is also the co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute and the California Peace Coalition. 

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[0:00] Preview & Intro
[2:21] Michael’s Background
[3:08] Running for Governor of California & Political Stance
[6:07] Energy Cost & Crisis In Europe
[12:38] The Political Shift In Europe
[14:39] The War On Nuclear Power
[17:11] Natural Gas & The Climate
[18:31] Reliance On China and Russia For Energy
[20:06] Solar Panels Come From Chinese Concentration Camps
[26:59] Economic Virtue Signaling
[28:24] Farmers In the Netherlands
[39:52] Blackouts in California
[44:02] The Fertilizer Controversy
[46:52] Food Shortages In Europe
[49:00] Weak Leaders And The Global Consequences
[51:45] Addiction & Homelessness
[53:57] Wokism & Victimhood
[57:55] Why Europe Doesn’t Have A Drug Problem
[1:03:20] Overmedication In North America
[1:13:06] Diet, Mental Health & Stoicism
[1:15:20] Why Mikhaila Took Responsibility For Her Health
[1:17:09] The Leftist Approach To Responsibility Vs. Victimhood
[1:18:56] Michael’s New Book

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