More Plates More Dates

In this episode, I spoke with Derek, also known as More Plates More Dates. We discussed hormone levels, testosterone injections, the fat acceptance movement, Marek Health, birth control, and much more. 

Derek is the founder of the More Plates More Dates YouTube Channel, where he discusses strategies to optimize your health and nutrition. He is also a co-founder of the preventative medicine company called Marek Health. 

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[0:00] Intro
[2:06] Three Main Focuses for Men’s Health
[4:58] How to Cure Interrupted Sleep
[7:16] Derek’s Educational Background
[8:40] The Marek Health Platform
[10:01] Testosterone Injections
[12:46] Getting Off of Testosterone
[14:44] From More Plates More Dates to Marek Health
[18:19] Immunotherapy
[22:06] Plans for Expanding Marek Health
[23:29] Difficulties with Canada’s Medical System
[27:05] Inheriting Autoimmune Sensitivities
[30:45] Pregnancy’s Effect on Autoimmunity
[33:09] Changes in Hormone Levels
[37:05] SSRIs Not Treating Depression
[38:44] Slow Release Adderall
[42:01] Thoughts on the Fat Acceptance Movement
[47:24] Baseline Markers for Blood Testing
[53:29] My Inspiration for Starting the Carnivore Diet
[57:18] Carnivore Diet Niches
[1:03:49] Medication and Autoimmunity
[1:05:10] Effects of Birth Control on Hormones
[1:11:42] Outro

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