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Doctor Does the Carnivore Diet for 6 Years

In this episode, I spoke with famous carnivore doctor Shawn Baker. We discussed commonly asked questions regarding the carnivore diet,  Shawn’s new company Revero, transition symptoms when starting the carnivore diet, self-assessing risks and benefits of the diet, cholesterol, how companies engineer foods to be addictive, and much more.

Dr. Shawn Baker is the author of the Amazon Best Selling Book “The Carnivore Diet,” a multisport elite level athlete, orthopedic surgeon, entrepreneur, and a United States Air Force veteran who served as a combat trauma surgeon in Afghanistan. He recently helped co-found a new company called Revero, a virtual clinic whose mission it is to reverse chronic diseases. 

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[0:00] Intro
[5:38] Revero and Its Applications
[11:43] The Carnivore Diet and Raised Cholesterol
[14:28] Self-assessing Risks and Benefits
[16:27] Transition Symptoms when Starting the Carnivore Diet
[21:30] Types of People who Start the Carnivore Diet
[23:33] Effects of Diet on PTSD
[26:17] Appetite Control on the Carnivore Diet
[29:23] Should You Incorporate Organs and Supplements
[36:01] Revero’s Future Plans
[39:42] The Tragedy of Chronic Illness
[41:00] Giving Up Processed Food To Improve Your Health
[42:00] Engineering Foods To Be Addictive
[43:22] Feeding Children Processed Foods and Sugar
[49:57] Histamine Intolerance and Digestion
[53:26] A Brief Family Health Update
[56:04] Cross-Reactive Food Sensitivity from Pollen
[59:20] Shadow Banning of the Carnivore Diet
[1:04:20] Sublingual Immunotherapy
[1:07:24] Effects on Shawn’s Age and Physical Fitness
[1:09:28] Curing Mental Illness with the Carnivore Diet
[1:10:57] Outro

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