“We Didn’t Want To Become The Kardashians”

In this episode, I spoke with Dave Sparks about manifesting and becoming who you want to be by aiming at it. Together we discussed Human Design, growing out of a niche, how to reframe problems, Dave’s ayahuasca experience, and much more.

Dave Sparks is an entrepreneur, custom vehicle builder, and a T.V. and docuseries personality from Salt Lake City, Utah. His popular show, Diesel Brothers, premiered on the Discovery Channel in 2016 and has since filmed seven seasons with an eighth season currently underway. 

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[0:00] Intro
[3:12] The Evolution of Diesel Sellerz
[7:24] Growing out of a Niche
[9:46] Making What You Want a Reality
[14:45] Aiming At What You Want
[19:52] Dave’s Ayahuasca Experience
[26:01] Manifesting a Design Type
[29:24] The Generator Design Type
[31:02] Details of Human Design
[34:58] Projectors and Reflectors
[36:30] Understanding Yourself through Human Design
[42:33] Flow and Enjoying What You Do
[46:17] Responding vs. Reacting
[49:45] The Meaning of Frustration
[52:58] Advice for Men in their Early 20’s
[58:25] Beauty in Cultural Differences
[1:00:45] Reframing Problems
[1:05:22] Heavy D Sparks: Dave’s YouTube Presence
[1:08:55] An Alternative to Side Hustles
[1:13:16] Outro

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