Michael Franzese on Joining the Mafia, Government, Prison, and Christianity

In this episode, I spoke with Michael Franzese. Michael is a former mobster and member of the Colombo Crime Family. However, after being part of the Mob for more than twenty years, Michael chose to completely change his life, in large part because of Christianity. 

Together Michael and I discussed the ritual of becoming a Made Member in the Mob, Michael’s wife bringing into Christianity, the growing mistrust of government today, the Acts of the Apostles and Jesus, and much more. 

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[0:00] Intro
[2:51] The Normalcy of Growing Up in the Mob
[3:45] The Stress of Mob Life
[6:07] How Michael’s Wife Brought Him Into Christianity
[10:59] The Ritual of Becoming a Made Member
[13:30] Leaving the Mob
[16:04] Who Makes the Business Decisions?
[19:45] Different Mob Groups Working Together
[20:27] The Structure of the Mob Today
[22:03] The Growing Mistrust of Government
[26:55] Morality Outside of the Law
[32:42] The Overwhelming Task of Questioning Everything
[36:56] The Inspiration Behind Michael’s Book
[38:27] Instability and Division in the United States
[41:49] Passing on Mob Wisdom
[44:26] Integrating Normal Life and Mob Life
[48:13] Women’s Involvement in the Mob
[50:13] Destructiveness of the Mob Lifestyle
[53:50] Can You Turn Your Life Around Without God?
[56:34] The Acts of the Apostles and Jesus
[1:02:52] Michael’s Franzese’s Social Media
[1:03:35] Outro

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