What Corporate America Doesn’t Tell You They’re Doing

In this episode, Dad and I spoke with Vivek Ramaswamy. We discussed ESG, index funds, Blackrock and Larry Fink, the energy crisis in Europe, optimal resistance, the invitation to play, and more.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a former Technology and Biotech entrepreneur whose most recent venture is an asset management company called Strive. Vivek founded Strive to offer an alternative to the popular and destructive ESG model of asset management. Vivek is also the author of the books “Woke Inc.” and “Nation of Victims,” linked below. Thanks for tuning in. If you enjoyed this conversation, be sure to subscribe!

Vivek’s Books:
Woke Inc: https://amzn.to/3DzyMLh
Nation of Victims: https://amzn.to/3eJwyyc

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Chapters _____________
[0:00] Intro
[7:02] ESG and Social Movements
[9:24] ESG and Arbitrary Power
[16:00] The Dominance of Blackrock and Larry Fink
[20:50] ESG and the Energy Crisis
[26:30] A Short History of the Index Fund
[30:57] Strive Asset Management: Vivek’s ESG Alternative
[37:24] Larry Fink’s Investment into ESG
[42:17] ESG: An Attack on Human Flourishing in the West
[47:10] Recent Negligence in Global Energy Distribution
[53:18] Too Much Centralized Control is a Catastrophe
[55:05] Navigating the Potential Hazards of Strive Asset Management
[1:01:02] The Freedom to Pursue Excellence
[1:05:25] The Revival of Civic Duty
[1:10:48] Civic Duty Number One: Have a Relationship
[1:14:40] Mandatory Military Service
[1:22:17] Norms: Balancing Compulsion with Free Choice
[1:25:09] Optimal Resistance
[1:28:57] An Invitation to Play, and Its Absence
[1:32:04] The Dangers of Needing a Common Enemy
[1:35:59] Strive Encourages People to Change Norms
[1:40:19] The Revival of Courage
[1:42:28] Outro

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