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The Case for Ethical Veganism? | Alex O'Connor

In this episode, I sat down to talk with Alex O’Connor, the founder of the Cosmic Skeptic YouTube channel. Alex is an international public speaker and debater, speaking on topics like ethics, religion, and politics. 

Alex is also a passionate animal rights advocate, and in this episode, we discussed a more inclusive definition of veganism, lab grown meat, the lack of data on long term effects of veganism and the carnivore diet, regenerative farming, and much more. Thanks for tuning in. 

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Books Mentioned
The Sacred Cow, by Diana Rogers
Animal Liberation, by Peter Singer


[0:00] Intro
[2:39] A Bone to Pick
[4:31] The Overlap of Wokeness and Veganism
[7:46] Being Vegan for Appearances
[10:23] I am Not the Antithesis of the Vegan Movement
[11:25] The Issues and Prevalence of Factory Farming
[13:59] Reasons for Being Vegan: Ethics vs. Environment
[16:22] Pushing Plant Based Could Make People More Sick
[20:51] A More Inclusive Definition of Veganism
[23:25] Introducing Alex O’Connor
[24:19] Becoming Vegan, and “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer
[29:10] The Necessity of Meat for Health
[31:05] Overindulging on Meat
[32:11] Buy the Best Meat You Can Afford
[33:27] A PR Problem of Veganism: Practicability
[36:21] Living with Extreme Allergies
[38:59] The Cost of a Whole Milk Latte
[40:26] Weighing Animal Suffering Against Human Suffering
[42:11] A Lack of Long Term Research for the Carnivore Diet and Veganism
[49:17] The Sustainability of Regenerative Farming
[51:10] Common Ground: Eat a Diet That’s Healthy for You
[53:07] The Risk of a Pandemic Originating in a Factory Farm
[54:36] The Treatment of Pigs in Factory Farms
[56:27] Factory Farmers Not Following Basic Legal Guidelines
[58:02] Incrementalism: A Better Sell for Reducing Animal Suffering
[1:04:33] Unknown Long Term Negative Effects of Veganism
[1:06:54] Cultivated Lab Grown Meat
[1:09:44] Does Taste Pleasure Denote Nutritious Food?
[1:12:02] Outro

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