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Life Update, JBP's Not Beautiful Tweet, Dating Advice, Q & A

In this episode, Mikhaila Peterson gives a Q&A and life update discussing her lifestyle and life changes during the last year. Mikhaila Peterson is the Host of the Mikhaila Peterson Podcast and the founder of the Lion Diet.

Mikhaila talks about the last year of her life, finding God, her exercise routine and diet, moving from Canada to the United States, Peterson Academy, and much more. Thanks for watching. 

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[0:00] Intro
[2:33] Relocating to the United States
[4:18] Marrying Jordan Fuller
[5:53] Finding God
[7:56] What I’m Working On
[10:22] Exercise Routine
[11:15] Diet Update
[12:11] Hidden Talents
[12:42] How Many Children Do I Want
[13:34] The Most Attractive Non-Physical Qualities
[15:10] Vitamins and Supplements
[15:47] Favorite Unhealthy Food
[16:31] Dad’s Not-Beautiful Tweets
[18:58] Tattoos
[20:15] Working All Day
[22:47] Advice for Women Dating in Their Early 20’s
[25:36] When a Guy Should Get Married
[28:10] Where I’d Like to Be in 5 Years
[29:35] Homeschooling
[31:31] My Middle Name
[33:11] Impact of Botox
[34:19] A Podcast with My Husband
[34:38] Lessons Learned from Relationships
[35:21 ] Overcoming Difficult Times in Life
[37:21] Big 5 Aspects Scale Compatibility with My Husband
[38:36] Tips for Self Confidence
[40:18] Worst Day and Best Day of This Year
[42:47] A Cute Story
[43:36] Outro

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