Letting Go of Beliefs and Pursuing Truth

Amala Ekpunobi is a political commentator and social media influencer who hosts PragerU’s show, “Unapologetic with Amala.” She has inspired millions of young people to discover the truth, move beyond their current political beliefs, and lead better lives. 

Amala and I discuss growing up in a far-left activist household, letting go of old beliefs in the pursuit of truth, PragerU, what women really want in men, and more.

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[0:00] Intro
[4:46] Activism and Transforming the World
[8:00] Moving Beyond Your Beliefs
[13:01] Joining PragerU
[15:08] Amala’s Average Day
[18:07] Abandoned by Progressive Friends
[19:38] Criticisms of OnlyFans
[24:18] Heard / Depp Trial and the End of #BelieveAllWomen
[27:11] Being Banned on TikTok
[29:22] Sex Education in Schools
[31:34] Trans in Women’s Sports
[36:07] Pardoning Student Debt
[37:23] Amala’s Post-High School Education
[42:24] New Jobs in Social Media
[44:27] What Women Want in Men
[48:01] Breaking Conservative Stereotypes like Thomas Sowell
[49:46] Extreme Online Negativity
[51:13] Defining Political Correctness
[52:05] Stepping Beyond the Political Echo Chamber
[53:16] Amala’s Future Goals
[54:38] Where to find Amala Online
[55:03] Outro

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