The Education System, Social Politics, and The Daily Wire

Brett Cooper is a political commentator and the host of The Comment Section with the Daily Wire. 

Brett and I discuss her unconventional educational experiences, politics, acting in Hollywood, her show The Comments Section on The Daily Wire, and more. 

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[0:00] Intro
[4:46] Brett Cooper’s Background
[6:13] Non-Traditional Education
[12:03] Acting, Hollywood’s Political Standards, & Autonomy
[20:39] Law School
[21:51] The Daily Wire
[28:13] Long-Term Strategy & Audience Demographic
[31:13] Hasan Piker
[33:02] The Comments Section
[34:51] Choosing Content
[38:42] Kardashian Empire
[40:24] CHSPE & Personalized Curriculum
[45:14] Gen Z Work Experience
[51:14] Cultural Undertones of Brett’s Favorite Books
[54:31] Embracing the Unconventional
[56:37] Social Media Judgment & Political Conversations
[1:03:12] Brett Cooper’s Average Day
[1:07:04] Where to Find Brett Cooper Online
[1:09:16] Outro

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