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Alt-Right Conspiracy or Immigration Disaster?

Lauren’s latest documentary, American Mirage:

Lauren Southern is a journalist, author, and renowned documentary filmmaker. She focuses on a wide variety of topics and has a passion for exposing corruption and speaking up for those desperately in need of a voice. In this episode, we talk about American Mirage, Lauren’s newest documentary. We also discuss the (ineffectiveness of the) US immigration system, dangerous conditions migrants encounter along the border, government corruption, and Lauren’s most ridiculous social media accusations. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoy this conversation!

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​​ —Chapters—
[0:00] Intro, Mikhaila’s Diet, Health
[3:00] Immigration Documentary: American Mirage
[6:46] US Immigration System
[12:20] Lauren’s Border Crossing Experience
[15:12] Paying for Safe Travel
[16:01] Filming American Mirage & Lauren’s Success with ‘Crossfire’
[21:32] Agendas & Complexities in Politics
[20:04] Power in Politics
[26:01] Authoritarianism
[28:33] Hyper Individualization & the Transgender Movement
[33:58] Trans Athletes
[36:11] South African Farm Attacks
[38:54] Most Ridiculous Social Media Rumor about Lauren
[41:22] Far-Right Tendencies & Conspiracy Trails
[43:46] Banned from Patreon
[45:00] Death Trains, Human Traffickers, & Massacres
[48:46] Economic Migrants
[51:14] Negative Attention
[52:35] Options in Education
[54:30] Facebook’s Honesty Box, Bullies & High School
[1:00:46 ] Mikhaila’s Nashville Experience
[1:01:20] Fresh & Fit Podcast
[1:02:20] Mikhaila Shares Advice She Gave to Ethan Klein
[1:03:31] Outro

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