Exploring Modern Treatments For Depression, Low Testosterone, & PTSD

Dr. Mike Hart is a physician and leading expert in medical cannabis administration and treatment. He founded Readytogo medical clinic, where he currently acts as the lead physician and medical director. We got to talk about the effects of cannabis on PTSD, administering ketamine to treat depression, hormone optimization, supplements, and much more.


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[0:00] Intro
[3:30] Cannabis, CBD, THC & PTSD
[7:18] Improving Sleep Quality
[9:08] Withdrawal Symptoms
[10:52] What’s Psychoactive?
[12:01] Daytime PTSD Treatment
[13:57] Mikhaila’s PTSD Experience
[17:04] THC & Dissociation
[18:12] Vitamin D
[21:28] Ketamine Treatment
[31:14] Alternative Medicine
[33:07] Hormone Optimization & Testosterone
[39:04] Women & Testosterone Use
[41:46] Hormone Optimization for Women
[45:37] Diet & Lifestyle Factors
[47:10] Supplements to Booster Hormone Levels
[49:48] Hormone Recommendation for Child-Bearing
[52:11] HGH Benefits & Risks
[55:42] Outro

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