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Interview with Canadian Trucker Convoy Leader

In this episode, Mikhaila hosts B.J. Dichter who is a trucker, spokesperson, and organizer of the Freedom Convoy Protest that has been moving around different Canadian cities in the last few months in response to mandates on truckers imposed through the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown regulations and currently is set up in downtown Ottawa. Benjamin explains the details concerning the protests, a call for a return to the pre-pandemic working conditions in regards to the transportation infrastructure of the Canadian economy.

Peterson and Dichter cover the primary questions Canadians and people around the world are posing on the purpose, intent, and institution of the freedom convoy protest.

The pair cover the following topics in this special relevant interview,

The use of automatic data tracking apps sanctioned by the government.

Is this about being anti-vax?

Is this a blockade of trucks impeding the cities traffic?

The Mayor’s order for local businesses to close?

Is this an alt-right dangerous movement with a lot of non-Canadians participating?

What happened to the statues and flags getting all the negative media coverage?

Has there been any violence?

Have tow trucks been asked to move the trucks?

Interaction with the Ottawa police?

The most recent news on the emergency measure acts.

What happened to all the donations to the freedom convoy?

Ways to support the protest

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Show Notes


[00:00] Introduction to the episode guest Benjamin Dichter, a trucker and operational spokesperson for the freedom convoy trucker protest in Ottawa, Canada.

[02:14] What is the purpose of the freedom convoy protest? Coming directly from one of the four official convoy nominated leaders.

[06:11] What does the situation in Ottawa look like currently?

[11:31] Are the protestors causing chaos and disrespecting the community and landmarks in hateful acts according to the stories we have heard from the media in recent weeks?

[16:05] Has there been any violence at the protest in Ottawa?

[17:36] The current relationship between the protestors and the local police.

[21:08] What was the deal with the tow trucks hauling the parked truckers away?

[22:38] What is the current status with Trudeau’s invocation of the emergency measures act?

[25:34] Who was donating to the convoy and what happened to the donations recently?

[30:16] Discourse on internal struggles within the current Canadian administration on how to handle the protestor’s demands.

[35:51] Wrapping up the interview with Benjamin Dichter


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