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High-Risk Whistleblowing

Mikhaila hosts Project Veritas founder and CEO James O’Keefe. Project Veritas is a group of undercover journalists tackling corruption (corporations, government…) via incriminating video footage that is released, untampered, for the public to decide for themselves. James is a polarizing public figure, gaining a fair share of detractors that accuse him of being little more than a political provocateur.


Mikhaila and James cover his ban from Twitter on false information grounds, the FBI raiding his house, famous situations in undercover journalism, voter fraud in the US, DARPA, the shift in modern journalism, the target on James’ back given his line of work, ongoing feud with The NY Times, and much more.


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[00:00] Intro

[01:23] How does one get started as an undercover investigative journalist?

[03:12] Media censorship of Project Veritas in recent history

[04:26] What is DARPA?

[07:55] Does James believe his brand of whistleblowing puts the Government at risk?

[10:40] James’ early “got ya” moments in journalism

[12:49] What personality trait goes best with this line of work?

[15:35] The FBI raid & events that followed

[25:29] Why O’Keefe persists despite enormous pressure

[27:06] Project Veritas’ goal

[29:49] Has James been threatened due to his work?

[34:30] What are some of the worst things uncovered by Project Veritas?

[38:05] How do you become an effective undercover journalist?

[40:43] The ethical question of deception in seeking the truth

[43:13] The shift in 21st-century journalism

[51:01] What is privacy? Who deserves it?

[54:30] Moving towards a more transparent society

[57:04] Mikhaila tells the story of her choice to leave Canada due to pandemic restrictions

[59:02] O’Keefe talks about his work uncovering voting fraud in the United States

[01:05:45] James’ take on Dr. Fauci

[01:10:29] Wrapping up


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