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Rollo Tomassi

In this episode, Mikhaila has author and influencer from the manosphere, Rollo Tomassi, on the podcast. Rollo has used Mikhaila as an example in videos about women, including a fairly direct comparison between her and a murderer. After quite directly detailing her issues with that portrayal, Mikhaila steers into a longer conversation about Tomassi’s theories on men and women—the same ones he offers in The Rational Male book series.

Check out Kill to Party, the 4-hour-long video that provoked this meeting at Rollo Tomassi is the author of several books, The Rational Male series being the most renowned. His data-focused views revolve around modern men and women, dating, family life, evolutionary psychology, and “red pill” theory for men.

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Show Notes


[00:00] Intro

[00:45] “Some of the things you talked about in your video were out of order and not quite right” – Mikhaila Peterson

[01:17] The tweet about Mikhaila’s personal life

[02:02] Clearing the air on the Andrew Tate situation. Despite internet rumors, Mikhaila states the trip was strictly business

[02:41] “Just because I flew over for a business meeting and talked to him doesn’t mean there was anything sexual” – Mikhaila Peterson

[05:46] Although she’s glad she had Scarlet, Mikhaila does regret marrying someone who wasn’t a match

[06:14] Insert Photos of Mikhaila and Andrew? Mikhaila and Scarlett

[09:42] “Part of the reason divorce took so long was [ensuring] that breaking up the family was better for everyone, not just me” – Mikhaila Peterson

[10:07] “My position hasn’t changed… A two-parent family that’s fighting all the time isn’t healthier than being separated” – Mikhaila Peterson

[10:22] Mikhaila shares her concerns with featuring Scarlett on social media

[11:47] Discussing Mikhaila’s divorce plans, when they started, and what transpired

[15:24] Clip where Mikhaila really addresses how her negative online persona started

[17:07] “Andrey and I fought all the time in ways that I could not negotiate, and I don’t think that I am an unreasonable person” – Mikhaila Peterson

[20:29] The comparison between Mikhaila and Casey Anthony, who murdered her kid and put her in the trunk (literally the Title of the Rational Male Video)

[20:52] Rollo gives his explanation for the video and his theory of the Kill to Party dynamic

[23:15] Rollo defends his behavior and specific style of Youtube marketing

[37:12] Mikhaila’s response to Rollo’s interpretation of her value in the dating market as a woman in her late 20s

[47:18] The rumor about Mikhaila giving her whole family COVID

[49:11] Mikhaila reiterates her concern with Rollo’s depiction of her as a typical party girl

[50:00] Rollo shares his background and what led him to the manosphere

[55:21] Tomassi talks about his first book The Rational Male

[59:51] Angry, seemingly misogynistic male followers, and the comments they leave. Rollo goes into detail about the “red pill” movement and its effect on many men

[01:09:41] “Would you rather be happy or be right?” – Rollo Tomassi

[01:11:17] Rollo lists some more manosphere terminology; Mikhaila reiterates some points of agreement

[01:20:38] Mikhaila asks Rollo about his philosophy teaching. Give men the tools to create themselves and succeed and answer the question: would you rather be right or happy?

[01:25:36] “I’ve said this before: the red pill doesn’t exist so that men will hate women, it exists so that they won’t hate them for what they can never be to them” – Rollo Tomassi

[01:32:01] Tomassi explains why we need both mystical and rational thinking

[01:42:24] Wrapping up

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