Dependence Forming Psych Meds | Beverley Thomson - MP Podcast #125

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In this episode, Mikhaila hosts Beverley Thomson, a writer, researcher and speaker with a focus on psychiatric medication including antidepressants, benzodiazepines and ADHD drugs. They delve into mental health and the problems with pharmaceuticals. Beverley enlightens us about the increasing number of people on antidepressants, the brain changes that result from extended exposure, how to get off prescription drugs safely, the problem with generic drugs, and much more. They both share their attempts at navigating a ghastly health care system, and Mikhaila talks about Dr. Peterson’s awful experience going through akathisia. If you suffer or know someone suffering from antidepressants, this episode is for you.

Beverley Thomson, is a writer, researcher, and speaker with a focus on psychiatric medication like antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and ADHD drugs. Beverley has intensely studied how these meds work, their history, side effects, the potential for dependence, and the effects of withdrawal.
Beverley has worked with the British Medical Association, the Scottish Government, and the UK Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. Her book Antidepressed: A Breakthrough Examination of Epidemic Antidepressant Harm and Dependence, is available now.

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Show Notes
[00:00] Intro
[03:20] Beverley Tompson’s background
[05:07] When did mental health turn into a pharmaceutical problem?
[07:52] The increasing number of people on antidepressants—and the brain changes that result from extended exposure
[10:31] Mikhaila’s personal experience on SSRIs from a young age, the side effects she experienced
[16:07] “Everyone has the right to take a drug if they want to, but they also have a right to be an informed patient”
[18:52] How to stop taking mind-altering medications like antidepressants
[20:19] “Some people will never be able to get off these drugs”
[22:03] Are there any viable alternatives to medication for the average person?
[27:10] Pragmatic solutions to the problems of depression and loneliness
[28:54] Are the children in these tough situations better off on meds?
[32:52] What causes akathisia and how it can be treated
[34:28] “I see so many people that are given a different generic… going into what could be termed withdrawal. It’s happening so much”
[37:34] (On Dr. Peterson’s akathisia) “That was the worst thing I have ever seen, and I’ve seen some pretty bad things. I’ve had other sick family members, I’ve seen Alzheimer’s, I’ve seen cancer, I’ve been through tough surgeries, and that was the worst by far”
[43:23] Teaching kids in high school about prescription meds and the significant impact of direct-to-consumer advertising
[48:49] Dissecting what generic drugs really are
[49:44] (On generic drugs) “So the new company doesn’t see the “recipe” for Prozac, for example. All they have to do is prove similarity in produced effect, not that it’s truly the same drug”
[50:23] Beverley lists some resources to identify generic drugs
[51:01] Beverley’s book Antidepressed: A Breakthrough Examination of Epidemic Antidepressant Harm and Dependence
[51:44] Where to find Beverley Thomson online
[53:20] Wrapping up

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