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How To Get Over Your Ex

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Mikhaila and Guy Winch spill the deets on relationship heartbreaks. Trauma and heartbreak are not to be underestimated, as Guy Winch explains in his expert opinion. To be able to have a future healthy relationship, Winch explains the healthy way to deal with a breakup and how to be fully conscious and comfortable with the other partner. If you’re still hung up on your ex or struggling with your current relationship, listen to what Winch has to say in regards to trauma and therapy. Remember to subscribe if you want to save the heartbreak tears
Guy Winch is the host of the Dear Therapists podcast who advocates for psychological health. Individuals, couples, and families reach out to him for help in enhancing their mental health, especially post-breakup. The author of the Emotional First Aid book offers his patients coping tools that merge science with emotional healing.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[1:47] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest Guy Winch, a psychologist and expert in the brain’s reaction to heartbreak and relational trauma.
[4:00] What happens during a heartbreak?
[8:14] Is it best to go cold turkey or wean off of another person when a relationship ends?
[11:05] Is friendship off the table for ex lovers?
[12:08] When do you move on from a broken relationship?
[14:54] When is the right time to get back to the dating market after a break up?
[16:40] Are people healthily meeting up and dating in today’s society?
[19:41] Can people with different interests have a successful date?
[24:06] How to start finding commonality with a significant other?
[28:45] Do you fall in love with a person or the idea of a person?
[33:52] How can a couple recover from shared traumatic experiences?
[37:32] How some people compartmentalize trauma while others need to express.
[41:18] Mikhaila’s experience with writing about hardship to be able to express her feelings.
[44:59] How couple arguments relate to their relationship longevity.
[49:06] How to identify a good couple’s therapist.
[51:18] How to tell when someone is into you.
[58:27] Wrapping up the show

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