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MILLIONAIRE'S Business Tricks

<h2 style=”text-align: center; MILLIONAIRE’S Business Tricks | Brad Lea – MP Podcast #109/h2>#

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Mikhaila and Brad Lea discuss the connection between education and entrepreneurship. Brad shares his perspective towards the traits people seek in an entrepreneur and the factors behind their success. They also tackle how to improve sales skills, the importance of social media in business, as well as trusting your intuition. If you’re interested in learning more about how to like yourself and teach people effectively, this episode is just for you.

People call today’s guest “The Real Brad Lea” for a reason. Brad Lea is the CEO, chairman, and founder of LightSpeed VT®, a company known for its interactive web-based courses and training. He helped individuals and companies achieve higher success rates, and is also known for being the host of The Dropping Bombs Podcast.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[1:50] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest Brad Lea.
[4:00] Brad’s thoughts on how the education system teaches entrepreneurship and sales.
[5:50] Tips on how to improve sales skills.
[6:50] Brad’s perspective on college and what to look for when he’s recruiting.
[08:50] Balancing career and family life.
[11:20] The necessity of social media in running a business.
[14:50] Do people ignore social media the more introverted and anxious they are?
[18:20] Tips for self-love.
[24:50] What Brad’s version of success looks like.
[26:20] Four effective ways to teach people.
[30:20] Brad talks about how to incorporate accountability.
[31:20] Advice for entrepreneurs in their twenties.
[35:20] Brad’s advice for himself at the age of 30.
[36:20] Brad’s belief that women have more advantage in the world.
[42:20] How he stayed in business for eight years before his company took off.
[48:50] The significance of attention.
[52:20] Using intuition in decision-making.
[53:20] The Bum Fights story.
[57:20] Wrapping up the show. Find more of Brad Lea on Instagram @TheRealBradLea and at

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