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How life became hell for this Afghani Journalist | Zakarya Hassani - MP Podcast #108

Today, Mikhaila hosts Zakarya Hassani, a journalist who fled from Afghanistan. They delve into what’s happening in Afghanistan right now. Zakarya Hassani enlightens us about the Taliban, the restrictions they’ve put, their history, and more. Zakarya and Mikhaila discussed what news sources can be trusted right now. If you want to know more about the whole situation in Afghanistan and what it’s like on the ground but don’t trust the western media, this episode is for you.

Zakarya Hassani is one of the lucky ones who fled Afghanistan once the Taliban overtook the country. He is an Afghanistan-based Journalist who was stationed in Kabul. He spent several years of his career reporting suicide attacks that shattered his people.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[01:50] Introducing Zakarya Hassani.
[02:12] Who Zakarya Hassani is?
[03:14] What the situation looks like on the ground.
[05:40] The restrictions they have put on people.
[08:50] Western News seems hopeful the Taliban will be reasonable.
[12:58] Was this type of resurgence inevitable?
[15:48] Is he safe talking about this?
[17:07] What are the best steps now?
[19:35] Is the Taliban letting people out?
[22:01] Is this going to get worse?
[23:41] What are the differences in beliefs? Do they follow the Quran to the word?
[26:42] When the Taliban formed.
[28:53] What news sources can be trusted in this situation?

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