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Would We Do OnlyFans? | Nicole Arbour - MP Podcast #107

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This is an episode that will definitely cheer you up. Mikhaila hosts Nicole Arbour in today’s episode. After seeing it all, the two friends talk about what it takes to be successful women in business. They had an interesting discussion about how Nicole beats stress, Facebook censorship, Onlyfans, fear of fame, and more. And yeah, they also discussed the qualities Nicole looks for when dating;). Whether you want to take a break from negative thinking, have a good laugh or learn about Nicole, you’ll enjoy this episode.

Nicole Arbour is a Canadian comedian who can laugh like a goat. What else do we need to say? She gained her popularity as an actress for her role in ‘Howie Do It’ and ‘Silent but Deadly.’ After that, she started her YouTube channel. She was, and still is, a cheerleader. Not only that, but she’s also a choreographer, CEO coach, and singer. She’s releasing a new song soon, so stay tuned for that.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[02:47] Nashville.
[04:14] Going out for drinks with Nicole.
[08:16] Nicole’s new music video.
[11:31] Fame and dealing with controversy.
[16:03] Nicole’s Personality (she’s really like this)
[16:45] Removing scar tissue and watching skate and cheerleading videos.
[22:38] Mikhaila’s skateboarding days and making up fake stories about her hip replacement.
[25:03] Talking to yourself, affirmations, and God.
[27:08] Social media.
[28:45] Thoughts on OnlyFans.
[34:52] Call Her Daddy.
[38:27] Jeff Bezos, space, and winning capitalism.
[43:26] Stupid ways to die.
[46:07] The comment section.
[47:48] Being facebook censored.
[53:46] Hate brands.
[55:52] Nicole’s interview with Mikhaila’s dad. (Dr. Jordan B. Peterson)
[59:06] Talking to yourself, concussions, and Nicole & Andrew Huberman coining the term “Digital Concussions.”
[01:07:40] Tea & Carnivore Crisps.
[01:08:17] Mikhaila’s laugh.
[01:10:15] Being a woman in business.
[01:19:04] Nicole’s top stress hacks.
[01:21:50] The qualities Nicole looks for when dating. ​

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