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#37 Marian Tupy

Marian Tupy (senior policy analyst at the @The Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity) co-author of Ten Global Trends (Every Smart Person Should Know) and I discuss global trends, economic inequality between countries, and a realistic look at the current state of the trajectory of the world.

Find more Marian Tupy at his website and on Twitter @HumanProgress

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#36 Wim Hof and Jordan Peterson

Wim Hof is an absolute legend, holding twenty-six world records for performing unbelievable feats of human conditioning and breaking barriers that science did not believe possible. Wim, Jordan B Peterson, and Mikhaila Peterson discuss those incredible feats, go into detail about exactly how to perform his breath work techniques, discuss his other unique conditioning methods, and delve into the idea of physically healing trauma through impacting DNA.

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#35 Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (author of Biohackers Handbook) and I discuss the many elements of biohacking including sleep, nutrition, stress management, and optimal recovery. He explains in practical terms what can easily be adopted by anyone to start improving their habits and take control of their personal health journey.

Find Olli Sovijärvi online at his book’s website, Biohackers Summit on Facebook, and on Instagram @ollisovijarvi

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#34 Coleman Hughes and Jordan Peterson

Coleman Hughes and Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson discuss some of the global issues caused by polarizing opinions in race, politics, and western culture.

Find Coleman Hughes on his podcast Conversations with Coleman, on Twitter @coldxman, and at his website

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