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#41 Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector, human rights activist, and the author of In Order To Live.

Mikhaila and Yeonmi discuss her incredible story of escaping North Korea, and Yeonmi’s current opinions on issues in modern eastern and western society.

Find more of Yeonmi Park in her book “In Order To Live”, also check out her social media @YeonmiParkNK on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram @yeonmi_park.

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#39 Jennette McCurdy

@Jennette McCurdy (American actress, singer, songwriter, YouTuber, producer, and writer) and I sit down and discuss working as a child actor, her experiences growing up in a Mormon family, how she battled anxiety and eating disorders, why she quit acting, and her current projects.

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#38 Andrew Huberman

Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. (professor of Neurobiology and Ophthalmology at Stanford University of Medicine) and I discuss how our brains function, the effects of chronic stress and drugs, and beneficial habits to incorporate into your routine for positive brain health.

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