Quick Update – Feb 1, 2018

Hey everyone!

Dad talked about my blog on Joe Rogan, which is awesome. So now there are a bunch of questions I want to get to and people I need to get back to but first:

I started working for Dad. Booking events, kind of doing managerial type stuff because he’s swamped. The last month has been INSANE. His days are booked solid. I’m trying to free up some of his time.

I fractured my arm 2 weeks ago (this is the main reason I haven’t typed anything up!). I slipped putting recycling away. So now I have a full time (albeit online) job, one arm, and a baby. It’s been a crazy 2 weeks.

I’m still eating 100% meat. Today (after almost 2 months) was the first time I got bored. But I think it’s because I overcooked my steak. I HATE overcooked steak.

I’m going to write a new post every weekend. I’ll try to add recipes too. The Patreon is very encouraging. I’m going to be a bit slow for the next couple of weeks on blog posts because of my stupid arm. I hate needing help. Andrey’s had to cut my steak and do the dishes because of my cast. And instead of just being happy about the help I just feel guilty and not as useful. (I should probably just enjoy it right?)

Yesterday I was at home alone with the baby and while I was changing her she peed. This was sooo frustrating with one arm. Try bathing a slippery urine soaked baby with one arm after a solid day of work. Kind of funny now though.

Thanks for all the support everyone! I’m trying to keep up, and I’m glad it’s helping people to hear my story. Health problems are terrible and there are things you can do to alleviate your problems.

Here’s a picture of my passport photo when I was really not in good shape (right) vs now (left).

Jan 2018 (26) vs. Mar 2013 (21)


My eyes are WAY less swollen (it’s not the makeup), my face isn’t as puffy, I look less like a gangster’s wife, everything’s¬†good! Girl on the right is in a perpetual food reaction hell. Girl on the left – doing great.

Crazy difference eh?

22 thoughts on “Quick Update – Feb 1, 2018

  1. Meagan says:

    The passport photo sparked a thought: you need to get vaccinated to travel out of the country, right? Do you have any adverse reactions to vaccines, with all the adjuvants and neurotoxins?

  2. Daniela says:

    Have you tried iron infusions? Then you might be able to have a more diverse diet. It helped me get rid of skin problems and all kinds of other inflammations. Some people, including me, have difficulties absorbing iron especially from vegetarian sources because it’s different from the iron in meat. The iron in meat is easier to absorb. However, once you’ve developed a deficiency it’s hard to get back on track especially if you’re a woman bleeding every month or doing things like breastfeeding, etc. Even if your blood results do not indicate that you might be particularly low on iron, infusions can help. I pressured my physician to give me iron infusion and – as I said – since then I am much better. When after two months or so, I get low on iron again, my symptoms come back, such as reddish skin or difficulties digesting fructose. That’s a sign to me that I am due for the next infusion. Take care. Daniela

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