Meat: proof it’s the real super food

I’m mid fifties female. Overweight, prediabetic, fatty liver, severe spinal stenosis which leads to many other problems such as chronic debilitating pain, lack of sleep (which opens the door to even more problems: brain fog, cognitive function, etc…) Have tried to eat vegetarian, raw. Through this I found an intolerance to many veggies, fruits, grains, beans, and legumes.

Morning Sickness Cure

My experience with morning sickness: Whenever I ate something wrong I was incredibly nauseous. For instance, I started taking a prenatal that had soy and was nauseous that entire week (before I realized it had added soy). I had a severe reaction to something I ate and tried to take antidepressants. I actually ended up throwing those up. After the soy and antidepressant, when I was eating extremely low carb, no dairy, my nausea improved. I believe morning sickness is Read More

Favourite Products at Paleo f(x) – Salt, Toothpaste, and Baby Food

Super quick post about a couple of things I saw at Paleo f(x) that I really liked. I know this is late, but c’est la vie, better late than never. I couldn’t eat most of the things there, but it was an excellent time anyway. Great minds.   Redmond Real Salt This salt is weirdly tasty. It’s not Himalayan but I love it. I took a number of free samples (they were giving away a generous 2 oz per sample – which last Read More