Before and After – Mikhaila Through the Ages

Here goes. I’ve had a number of people comment, “Hey where’s your scar, that’s not a real pic of you,” or, “This isn’t Jordan’s daughter, she doesn’t have scars”, orrrrr “this diet can’t be that good, you looked good before, (or better)”. A) Most of my Instagram pics are from after I went low carb. So yeah they look pretty good. Thank you. B) The bikini pics are pre-baby, and low carb, so yeah, they’re going to look pretty good. Thank Read More

YouTube Video with Depression to Expression

HERE‘s the video that Scott Ste Marie made on his YouTube channel Depression to Expression. I really enjoyed speaking with Scott. He has a channel devoted to helping people with one of the most crippling illnesses there is, and I think that’s very valiant. I also think he should try the diet.   🙂   Hope everyone’s doing well! Sorry about the lack of updates, I will catch up this next week!

Better Eating Fewer Carbs, But Best at Carnivore

This is a testimony from someone I’ve been communicating with for quite a while. Low carb wasn’t quite enough for her. “Hi Mikhaila This is my testimony. Please don’t include my name. Thanks for changing my life. I’m 27 and female. I was suffering from so many autoimmune disorders since I was a kid including eczema, horrible rashes that covers my entire body, never-ending itchiness, severe acne on my face, cystic acne on my buttocks, vaginal area, and armpits (Hidradenitis suppurativa), Read More

Worst Offenders to Safest Foods – And Why Vegans Get Better

This is a list of foods that I found irritated me the most to the least. If I’ve missed any foods, please comment. I know it comes off as a random/quack list of foods, but I’ve put some thought into it, and this is how my body has reacted. Why Vegans Feel Better: If you eliminate the first 3 on this list you should see quite an improvement. This is part of the reason going vegan makes people feel so Read More

My Journey Back to Health

I am a 34 year old female who has been experiencing a whole slew of seemingly unrelated issues for over 10 years. It started with fibromyalgia type symtoms and numbness in my fingers especially when I would try to go to sleep. It hurt when people touched me. Even the slightest pressure was excruciating not to mention waking up at night if I could even get to sleep in the first place with horrible pain because my hands were numb for hours or as I tried to go to sleep, I could feel them going numb. Over the years I also started getting headaches, which I almost never had until my 20s, and backaches so bad I had to adjust my back 4 to 5 times a day to get minutes if relief. I was on the verge of giving up. I couldnt imagine what 60 would feel like if 30 felt this bad.

Carnivore Diet, New Thoughts – April 2018

Here are my new thoughts about the carnivore diet since Dad’s improvement 1. If you are quite sick (by quite sick I mean you have an autoimmune disorder or autoimmune symptoms, or mental health issues) – going straight carnivore might save you a lot of pain and suffering. I went extremely low carb and basically fixed my issues and dad’s, and my husbands, but basically, everything we reintroduced made us incredibly sick, and the last 3 years have been hard. Read More

April 19 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Carnivore Diet and Update

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay! Update: Andrey and I and Scarlett moved back into his old condo! We moved out in a haze of pregnancy nesting hormones when I decided I could NOT survive in a 535 square foot condo with a baby. I basically ran around like a chicken with its head cut off for 10 months. Hopefully next time I will be much more relaxed as a meat eater. Only time will tell. But now that sane-not-pregnant Read More

This Modern Life…(‘s) diet is killing me

I am 35 years old, a female and there’s just a ton of swelling throughout my whole body. It is mostly localized in my uterus (my husband and I have figured out that much) and have ruled out the most normal (I say normal, because for me right now it would feel normal to have the whatever-thing that is wrong with me to actually have a name, like ulcerative colitis or chron’s. (Both of which are horrible auto-immune diseases that I am not trying to make light of.) I have this swelling that is always present, but tends not to swell AS much when I eat well; whole, balanced meals. Perhaps when our insurance situation is better we can have more access to doctors that can actually look at what is going on.