Really important read – Paleomedicina – Evidence the beef diet works

“We believe that the PKD is the only evolutionary adapted diet for humans. Rehabilitation of chronic diseases is most effective when the diet is limited to our real physiological needs. Eating fruits and vegetables does not form part of our physiological need but are associated with risks.”

(PDF) Therapeutic protocol of Paleomedicina Hungary. Available from:

This place (Paleomedicina) has actual doctors prescribing a high fat meat diet to successfully treat chronic disease. With hugely positive results (much more effective than medication). They’ve treated pregnant women, infants, and breastfeeding women as well. They have found no ill effects of the diet (they call it paleolithic ketogenic, basically a fancy turn for a red meat diet).

Eventually North America will stop with the “it must be a placebo effect” and start actually treating people. Suuuuper exciting. Also extremely satisfying after years of “you’re crazy”. Extremely. Satisfying.

They have a website HERE. (It’s in Hungarian but you can use Google Translate). The case studies are incredible.

118 thoughts on “Really important read – Paleomedicina – Evidence the beef diet works

  1. Science btch says:

    Sorry but it’s only a 4-week observations. All studies about long-term saturated fats and red meat eating point its harmful effects. It’s not even a study – there are no statistic methods listed.

    • Link one study here please that links red meat to harming health. Literally find one (that doesn’t include dairy, because dairy and meat are not the same thing.)

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