Update April 8 2018 – Jordan Peterson’s Diet – Zero Carb

Hi guys

So Dad’s going on the zero carb diet – that’s the all meat, carnivore diet. With salt and sparkling water.


He had good results with the previous diets. In the greater scheme of things, I would say excellent results. We managed to keep the extreme depressive episodes away, he’s off medication, he lost 50+ pounds, his autoimmune symptoms went away. All in all, great results.

So why the change? He’s doing it for almost the same reason as I did. His anxiety still isn’t under control. It’s under control enough to not need medication, but he still wakes up in the morning with the dread feeling. I had this before I went zero-carb too. Dread, in the morning, fading off by the evening. A little bit too much volatility. Still not a great way to live, even if it’s not full blown depression. His switch over shouldn’t really be that dramatic considering he’s only eating meat and greens right now. There won’t be any cravings. He told me he woke up this morning and figured he didn’t want to live with the anxiety anymore, so he’d give it a try.

I’ll keep everyone posted, and probably do an update in about a week. Mom’s on it, and her arthritis is gone. Dad mentioned that her skin and her legs look better than they have for 10 years.

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  1. George says:

    I was listening to NPR and there are two studies talking about why fasting (regardless of the religion) is healthy. A healthy digestive system is supposedly the one with the most divers microbe community hence hunter gatherers were considered the healthiest in that sense.
    This brings me to another point (not scientific, just my observation) where each person clings onto a diet and claims it does miracles for them. I think that dramatic change in eating is what diversifies your gut and in that transition (few months to a year) your body is improving dramatically because no gut microbe (or group) is dominating the digestive system in that transition. Hence why religion installed the 4 (depends) fasting events throughout the year where you’d change what you eat dramatically. That is why I see each person strongly convinced that their diet is the best. Many of them start to suffer from same symptoms prior to eat switching their eating habits, once they have been on the new regime for a few years.

    Just food for thought, pun intended. No matter how much I rely on traditional advice it is always nice to see some scientific finding backing it up. The problem is the inherent complexity of the human body can render almost any study insignificant…

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