Height: 5'11"⁠⁣

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

started a #ketogenic diet February 2018 and decided to move towards a #carnivorediet February 2019. Diet consists mostly of grass-fed ribeye, duck eggs, ground beef, liver (and scotch on the rocks sometimes)⁠!⁣

- Fasting:

16 hour fasts twice per week⁠⁣

- Exercise:

lifts 5x per week - started before the diet.⁠ After diet - lifts only 2-3 times a week- (HIIT once a week)⁠.

- Time on Diet: 24 months dieting, 12 months carnivore. ⁣

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss: 230lbs to 165lbs⁠⁣
-- Improved sleep⁠⁣
-- No more cravings⁠⁣
-- Significantly less anxiety⁠

This is @santiago.pozo.d's transformation. He's 25 years old. ⁠⁣