RICH, 32

Height: 6'1⁣"

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Went straight into #carnivorediet Sept 1st 2018. Mainly eats beef with eggs periodically. ⁣

- Fasting:

He fasts most days until dinner around 5-6pm. Once or twice a week he eats lunch at work, or on the weekends. OMAD 90% of the time.⁣

- Exercise:

Full body 2-3x per week, more cardio in the summer outside with 2 miles runs a few times per week. ⁣

- Time on Diet: 1.5+ years. Before this he ate clean, and moderate to low carb but could never lose weight.⁣

- Health problems resolved:

- 90 pound weight loss - 300lbs to 210lbs⁣
- IBS, gas, bloating, nausea⁣
- Less impulsive, cravings gone⁣
- Acne prone skin⁣
- Hair loss, actual regrowth⁣
- Bladder inflammation (IC) ⁣
- Eyesight improved⁣
- Anxiety and mood is better⁣
- Now has less severe allergies⁣
- Hand eczema⁣

This is’s #carnivoretransformation. He’s 32 years old. ⁣

He has created his own Facebook group 'Strict Carnivore - Zero Carb Life' where he can help others. It now has over 4,200 members.