Height: 5'4"⁠⁣

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Started a #ketogenicdiet May 2019, transitioning to a strict #carnivorediet in August of 2019.⁠ A typical day of eating includes a cup of coffee, her first meal at noon which is usually a fatty ribeye, ground beef or lamb. She will typically consume one and a half pounds of meat at this meal. If she is hungry again later she will have a pound more of the same cut.⁠⁣

- Fasting:

Typically does #OMAD (one meal a day), a type of #intermittentfasting. If she does have 2 meals a day, her eating window closes by 4 pm. She participates in fasts for 24 hours every so often. ⁠⁣

- Exercise:

This way of eating has given Priscilla the energy to be able to workout and enjoy it! She trains 3-5x a week starting her workouts with heavy compound movements and moving into hypertrophy for different muscle groups each day. ⁠⁣

- Time on Diet: 9 months since beginning her keto diet. ⁠⁣

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss: ⁠87 lbs (208 lbs to 121 lbs)⁠⁣
-- ⁠Has never felt stronger⁠⁣
-- ⁠More energy ⁠⁣
-- ⁠A more stable mental state⁠⁣
-- ⁠No more binge cravings⁠⁣
-- Weight control postpartum compared to her first pregnancy⁠⁣

This is @nutrientdenseenthusiast transformation. She is 22 years old. ⁠⁣

"I've also always worked out even back in my keto days but it's almost as if my body wanted to start lifting heavy the moment I started carnivore. I found an extra level of strength. So this new workout regimen really started back in October! "