MIKE, 40

Height: 5'7

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Low carb and then keto and then carnivore over a 3 year period. Eats one to two meals per day consisting of steak, fatty cuts of beef, eggs, bone broth, salmon roe and 1-2 cups of black coffee. He eats a very high fat to protein ratio)

- Fasting:

Intermittent fasting (18-20 hours - eats once or twice per day in a small eating window) ⁣

- Exercise:

Daily fasted weight training 4x a week⁣, runs 3-4 miles 3x a week.

- Time on Diet: 3 years of dietary changes

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss (70 pounds - 215 to 145 in the last 3 years of carb cutting) ⁣
-- Chronic gout (resolved with carnivore) ⁣
-- Prediabetes (resolved with keto) ⁣
-- Chronic rashes (resolved with carnivore)
-- Lowered overall inflammation (resolved with keto/carnivore)

These are @magicmikeketo's results. He's 40. "Chronic gout from the SAD way of eating sidelined me from the things I loved which is running, hiking, lifting and being active overall. Spiraled into depression and weight gain. Cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers run in my family."