Height: 5'5"⁠⁣

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Started the anti-inflammatory #paleo diet in November 2017. Soon after shifted to meat and egg-based keto diet. A typical day of eating would be 3 eggs cooked in avocado oil and 3 pieces of bacon with coffee around 10 am, 3/4 lb of a ribeye (or two pieces of salmon, chicken thighs, or lamb) around 3 pm with some avocado and/or cooked veggie mix, and then 3 more eggs with a portion of whatever meat she cooked that day whenever hungry again. ⁠⁣

- Fasting:

Has not tried regularly fasting yet. Her goal is to start intermittent fasting eating in a 6-hour window from 10 am-4 pm only.⁠⁣

- Exercise:

Currently does about 3-4 workouts a week, which include the StairMaster, 4-6 mile runs, ab exercise, and free weights.

- Time on Diet: 24 months.⁠⁣

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss: 20lbs⁠⁣
-- Depression/Anxiety ⁠⁣
-- Eating disorder⁠⁣
-- Severe anemia ⁠⁣
— Severe fatigue (wanting to sleep every 4-5 hours) ⁠⁣
— Chronic inflammation ⁠⁣
-- Chronic bloating
-- Vitamin deficiencies ⁠⁣
— Severe abdominal pain during eating⁠⁣
— Painful menstrual cycles⁠⁣
-- Bowel dysfunction⁠⁣
-- Chronic UTI/yeast infections ⁠⁣

This is @makenahartlinmusic's transformation. She's 26 years old. ⁠⁣
⁠"Before I was even diagnosed with Crohn's, I was an avid long-distance runner, and on my high school and college's cross country team. Even in off-seasons, I was running at least 15-20 miles a week. It goes to show how little of an effect exercise can have on your physique if you are eating bad food."⁠⁣