KARL, 41

Height: 5'7⁠⁣"

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Started a carnivore diet July 2019. A typical day of eating includes a lunch of 12-ounce beef rump steak or lamb and 2 hard-boiled eggs. Dinner is typically 2 patties (lamb or beef) with a little parmesan and salt in them, 2 small slices of hard cheese and 2 eggs fried in butter or ghee. Rarely snacks but if he does it's pork rinds or homemade beef jerky. ⁠⁣

- Fasting:

Does intermittent fasting daily with an 8-hour eating window. He does not eat before midday and no food after 8 pm. Fasts for 22 hours on Mondays. Does extended fasts 1-2 times per month up to 36 hours if he feels his body needs it, using electrolytes. ⁠⁣

- Exercise:

He did not exercise the first 12 weeks. Once a significant amount of weight was lost he began hiking and running. He has recently joined a gym and is trying to build muscle.⁠⁣

- Time on Diet: 5 months.⁠⁣

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss: 55lbs⁠⁣
-- Blood pressure dropped⁠⁣
-- No symptoms from diverticulosis⁠⁣
-- Improved sleep⁠⁣
-- Better mood⁠⁣
-- No longer at risk for pre-diabetes⁠⁣

This is @karltaylor79's transformation. He's 41 years old.⁠⁣