Height: 6’5”⁣ 203 lbs currently⁣

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Started with the #ketodiet in January 2015 and has been on a strict #liondiet since March 2018.⁣

- Fasting:

Eat’s intuitively, whenever he’s hungry, which results 24-30 hour fasts, 5-6x a week.⁣

- Exercise:

Full Body 5x per week. ⁣

- Time on Diet: 3 years of dirty keto followed by the last 2 years on strict carnivore (the lion diet) — never once counted calories.⁣

- Health problems resolved:

- Weight loss 321-177lbs⁣
- Debilitating clinical depression & anxiety since late-childhood healed, was not even aware that he suffered until it was removed⁣
- Gained every imaginable benefit from no longer being clinically depressed, i.e., stabilized mood, improved relationships and success in other areas of life⁣
- NO MORE BRAIN FOG (in caps by @jordan.m.fuller himself)⁣
- Moderate OCD — cured⁣
- Desire to binge eat is nonexistent⁣
- No longer extremely impulsive⁣
- Improved memory⁣
- Regulated lifelong broken sleep-pattern⁣
- Dry, itchy skin - gone⁣
- Hot flashes/flushing - gone⁣
- Seasonal allergies/congestion - gone⁣

This is @jordan.m.fuller’s transformation. He is 22 years old.⁣

“The 150lbs I lost is inconsequential compared to the gloomy un-energetic self that accompanied it, now I just want to help other people live the way they were born to!” Love the fact you chose a pic with a rat in it for the comparison pic ???? good job!!!