Height: 5'8"

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

On 2/24/19 went from the Standard American Diet to 100% animal meat and animal fat overnight. Tends to eat only beef and Himalayan salt now because it is what makes her feel the best (hey there #liondiet girl). Drinks only water, unsweetened tea and black coffee.

- Fasting:

Not intentionally, she eats according to hunger, not a schedule.

- Exercise:

None. (She told me she randomly took a 1.5 mile walk the other day just because she felt like it though :) (And that that had never happened before).

- Time on Diet: 6.5 months

- Health problems resolved:

-- No Multiple Sclerosis symptoms since May 9 (just over 2 months on the diet. This is HUGE). -- Weight loss (87 pounds - 230 to 143) -- Resolved debilitating symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (also HUGE) -- No depressive episodes since April of 2019 (1.5 months on the diet) -- No longer takes Adderall to get out of bed (previously took 60mg per day)
-- Increased mental clarity
-- More energy than she's had in 15 years -- "First time in 10 years that I have had genuine, long lasting hope for my future and belief in myself"

These are @emilymac79's results. She's 40. She has a story like mine. A ton of terrible health problems. Terrible.

Today she stopped lithium. People who haven't suffered from mental health disorders have a hard time understanding how debilitating they are. It's hell. Now one less person is in hell.
This diet is saving lives. Please share with someone who could use it. ❤️