Height: 5’9"

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Beef, pork, chicken, eggs. Only drinking water.

- Fasting:

Fasting with an eating window from 10am-6pm but that quickly got shorter and after 21 days started eating one meal a day at 4pm.

- Exercise:

3 times per week

- Time on Diet: 30 days

- Health problems resolved:

- Anxiety and depression
- Less brain fog
- Emotional regulation
- Gum inflammation gone
- Fatigue gone
- Allergy symptoms gone
- Sleeping better
- Cleaner skin, eczema cleared
- Lost 10 pounds

This is @dannymcgarrys transformation. He is 27 years old.

“Probably the most important result for me is emotional regularity. I’m very calm which is helping a lot with the current situation of the world.”