BEN, 28

Height: 6’5”⁠

Lifestyle Changes:

- Diet:

Started a heavy meat ketogenic diet on May 27th, 2019. Eating a pound of beef and 6-8 whole eggs each day. Some dairy but limits consumption. Eat some nuts (limiting peanuts and cashews). Veggies once per day, and drinks coffee. Cooks most foods in butter, or bacon/beef fat and adds extras fats throughout the day whenever he can.⁠

- Fasting:

Fasts for 16 hours of the day, eats in an 8-hour period (intermittent fasting). Does extended fasts at least once a month. He started with a 24 hour fast and has extended that each month. He has now completed a 7 day fast.

- Exercise:

Lifts weights 4-5 times a week plus a minimum of one hour of walking each day. He started running two times per week as of last month. ⁠

- Time on Diet: 6 months.

- Health problems resolved:

-- Weight loss: 100lbs down since May 2019 (315lbs to 215lbs)⁠
-- No longer needs to use antihistamines to get through each season (allergy symptoms were alleviated after 1 week on diet)⁠
-- No longer needs sports performance supplements or extra vitamins⁠
-- Mood improvement⁠
-- Sleep improvement⁠
-- Decreased workout recovery time⁠
-- Less attachment to food⁠

This is @bendanhoff's transformation. He's 28 years old.⁠

Good for you. ⁠

If you have seen insane health problems alleviated with diet and would like to share your transformation, leave a comment! Seeing other people succeed really helps motivate people