I’m going to be speaking at the first conference for the carnivore diet ever. It’s March 7th in Boulder, Colorado. Low Carb Denver is that weekend, so you can hit both if you’re interested (I’ll be speaking there too!) I went to Paleo f(x) last year (April 2018) which was pretty awesome. These conferences are great for showing people with weird food sensitivities (or that are just super health conscious) that they’re not alone. Highly recommended. I’ll write posts about The Carnivore Conference so people don’t miss out, even if they can’t come, and according to L. Amber O’Hearn (who organized the conference), the speakers will be recorded and will be available on YouTube. I will link to those videos in my post. So don’t feel too bad if you can’t make it, but if you can, come say hi!

I’ll be at the Carnivore Conference the entire day of March 7, and the Low Carb Denver conference Thursday evening and Friday (8-9). Need to fly back to my baby after that, but the Low Carb Denver conference doesn’t end until the 10th.


Here’s the description from their website:

“Please join us for the first Carnivore Conference, held in beautiful downtown Boulder, Colorado, featuring a day of leading edge presentations on the science of plant-free diets.

We aim to satisfy the intellectual appetite with meaty topics ranging from human and plant evolutionary biology, to medicine, citizen science, and the ethical and ecological implications of subsistence on animal based foods.

Includes a carnivore lunch!

The Carnivore Conference has been planned to dovetail with Low Carb Denver, which starts the evening after our event. Group transportation options are in the works. Stay tuned!”

I’m looking forward to meeting Shawn Baker. I was on his podcast (linked here), but it’ll be nice to say hi. I’ll get to see Zsofia Clemens from Paleomedicina again, and there are a number of other super interesting speakers I can’t wait to meet:

Shawn Baker, MD — TBA
Peter J. Ballerstedt — “Reading the Environmental Hoofprints”
Miki Ben-Dor, PhD — “How Much Protein? The Evolutionary Answer”
Zsófia Clemens, PhD — “Intestinal Permeability in Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer: Measurement, Results, and Implications”
George M. Diggs, PhD — TBA
Georgia Ede, MD — TBA
Dave Feldman — TBA
Siobhan Huggins — TBA
Nick Mailer — TBA
Dr. Paul Mason — TBA
L. Amber O’Hearn — “Micronutrients, Macronutrients, and Other Measures of Dietary Quality”

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