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Mikhaila is joined by Scott Young to discuss the ever-changing world of alternative education models. Together they steer the conversation to touch on self-education, habit stacking, dealing with distraction, goal setting, learning styles, building routine, and much more. Young’s passion for teaching shines through his understanding of how people can really learn by doing instead of simply theory.

Scott Young is a well-renowned author, writer, and blogger. His book Ultralearning is a great tool for developing habits and skills in order to attain new information efficiently and be able to create reliable steps towards achieving educational goals.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[02:30] Mikhaila introduces this episodes guest Scott Young
[04:20] Scotts MIT free learning project
[07:30] Alternative models of learning/schooling
[11:30] Thoughts on unpaid internships/apprenticeships
[17:00] Scott’s method of habit stacking to create new routines
[21:00] Tricks for learning things that are uninteresting or that you don’t want to learn for some reason
[25:30] Ultralearning methods for language learning
[31:00] Debating different learning styles
[35:30] The benefits or drawbacks of morning routines
[41:00] Techniques to deal with distraction
[48:00] How to break goals down into accomplishable parts
[54:00] Wrapping up the episode, where to find more of Scott Young online

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Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson Instagram) is a 28 year old mother, CEO, health influencer, writer and founder of the Lion Diet, from Toronto, Canada. She has put her idiopathic juvenile arthritis, severe depression (bipolar type II), and chronic fatigue (among other ailments) into remission using The Lion Diet - a beef, salt and water elimination diet. Although it may seem unorthodox, she’s thrived on it for over 2 years. Also recognized for her work with her father, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Canadian psychologist and author), she encourages others to take responsibility for every part of their physical and mental health, and teaches how to dramatically transform one's life by never giving up on yourself.

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast is a podcast where host Mikhaila Peterson speaks with thought leaders, and industry changers - continually finding the best ways to improve the human experience. From stay at home mom’s to CEO’s, fitness enthusiasts to spiritual guides, nutrition researchers to health professionals - Mikhaila has interview-style conversations aimed at provoking thought, addressing difficult subjects, and speaking about topics that are generally shied away from.