#45 Jim Kwik: Becoming Limitless


@Jim Kwik (author of Limitless and founder of Kwik Learning) and Mikhaila Peterson discuss how to improve your reading speed and level of comprehension, tools to improve concentration and memory retention, avoiding information overload, and how to improve your overall brain function. He overcame major learning disabilities as a child from an injury and found that the key to the brain is not necessarily knowing what to learn but how to learn. Jim believes that everyone is capable of extraordinary potential if they are given the tools to achieve that goal. Hopefully, this episode will help with that.

Find more of Jim Kwik on where you can sign up for a free masterclass to improve speed reading, The Kwik Brain podcast for fifteen minutes of brain improving techniques, and his book Limitless of which all the proceeds are going to charity.

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Show Notes:

[3:30] Background bio on Jim Kwik brain coach teaching people to increase their concentration, memory, and overall comprehension improving your life.
[5:30] Jim’s accident as a child. A traumatic brain injury led to learning difficulties growing up. Jim really internalized the fact he had a “Broken Brain” as a kid whenever he failed in school. “It’s not about how smart you are. It’s about how are you smart.”
[10:30] Mikhaila asks Jim how he knows that his methods will work for everyone and that it’s not just him having above-average abilities.
[16:00] College years were a struggle for Jim. Being mentored in his goals for life ended up being the big push to read more.
[21:30] Mikhaila shares with Jim how severe health issues gave her the motivation to study and learn where others said there was not an answer.
[24:00] How and when did Jim start to develop some of his learning skills?
[26:00] Mikhaila comments on the difference in how people react to adversity. Jim explains that he believes that is because of the questions we ask ourselves.
[31:30] Scheduling and time priority management. “The most important thing is to keep the most important thing the most important thing.”
[33:30] The powerful effect that sleep deprivation had on Jim Kwik enabling him to become a leader in his field of study.
[39:30] How to speed read correctly. There are five traditional obstacles to reading. 1. Lack of education on reading and how reading advances. 2. Focus or concentration (the slow speed of reading is for many people the obstacle that makes their mind bored). 3. Subvocalization (the voice in your head when you read) the fastest readers tend to subvocalize less 4. Regression, meaning rereading things, slows you down. 5. Limiting beliefs, if you believe you are a slow reader you limit what you can do directly by that belief.
[48:00] Practical tools you can use to speed up your reading. Using a visual pacer to time yourself, you will be surprised how much it will increase by just adding that.
[55:00] Ask yourself questions when you are reading. Knowledge with a clear goal in mind is the easiest knowledge to apply and retain in our memory.
[56:30] For a free masterclass on Jim Kwiks Speed reading methods visit:

Find more of Jim Kwik on where you can sign up for a free masterclass to improve speed reading, The Kwik Brain podcast for fifteen minutes of brain improving techniques, and his book Limitless of which all the proceeds are going to charity.

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