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Today is all about relationships, so get your ears ready ladies! I welcome Matthew Hussey and we discuss every woman’s question in a relationship. Whether it’s about the fate of single people, coping with rejection, or gaslighting, Mathew is ready with answers. Today’s episode will enlighten women about what unhappiness looks like, detecting narcissists, different attachment styles, and the various vulnerabilities in relationships. If you don’t know whether to stay or leave your current relationship, stay on today’s podcast for Mathew’s advice.

Matthew Hussey is a worldwide dating advice expert for women. He is a British life coach, YouTube personality, and an author too. Hussey has made many television appearances, including being the matchmaker for NBC’s Ready for Love. In 2013, he released his first book, the New York Times bestseller, Get the Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[01:50] Matthew Hussey’s background.
[4:10] How Matthew’s journey in women’s self-improvement started.
[06:50] Lessons from pickup artists and dealing with rejection.
[10:36] Are some people destined to remain single? Or The fate of single people
[11:00] Jordan B. Peterson’s quote about growing up.
[14:35] Knowing when leaving a relationship is better than staying.
[18:40] What unhappiness looks like.
[23:50] How can I quickly know if I am going to be happy or not in a relationship?
[25:42] How to detect a narcissist.
[28:41] Gaslighting.
[32:10] How are people meeting today?
[33:28] Introversion and disagreeableness.
[38:15] The love languages.
[39:45] Different attachment styles.
[41:38] How to spot a healthy relationship with defying partners?
[47:25] Is there any way to have a relationship without the lows?
[51:05] How to be emotionally vulnerable with another person.
[55:37] Coping with jealousy in relationships.
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Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson Instagram) is a 28 year old mother, CEO, health influencer, writer and founder of the Lion Diet, from Toronto, Canada. She has put her idiopathic juvenile arthritis, severe depression (bipolar type II), and chronic fatigue (among other ailments) into remission using The Lion Diet - a beef, salt and water elimination diet. Although it may seem unorthodox, she’s thrived on it for over 2 years. Also recognized for her work with her father, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Canadian psychologist and author), she encourages others to take responsibility for every part of their physical and mental health, and teaches how to dramatically transform one's life by never giving up on yourself.

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