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Ben Francis became the founder of GymShark at only 19 years old. Now 29, GymShark has blossomed into a highly successful global business with an amazing valuation.

Mikhaila and Ben Francis discuss the business decisions he took as a young man which led to the creation of the highly successful global GymShark brand. They both compare notes on business, outsourcing, hiring, time management, and following your instincts. Ben also gives the history of GymShark starting as an investment of his Pizza Hut earnings, to becoming the billion-dollar corporation it is today.

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Show Notes
[00:00] Intro
[2:30] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s guest, Ben Francis
[4:26] GymShark’s use of influencer marketing
[6:38] Finances of starting the GymShark Brand
[10:40] Ben’s background and personality and developing the GymShark Business, outsourcing what you cannot do
[16:52] Ben Francis on trusting your instincts and gut when making business decisions, finding the right people based on your goals and destined path
[23:07] Figuring out when you need help in business and finding the right people to help you
[31:32] What it means to motivate and lead people
[38:15] Hiring the wrong people and how to deal with it
[39:10] Talking time management skills
[46:21] Mikaila asks Ben Francis about his top skills
[49:33] Extraversion and introversion in life and business
[51:20] Revisiting Ben’s time management
[54:05] The importance of having good public speaking skills

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