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Mikhaila and Chris Zaknun spark up an interesting conversation about the world of cryptocurrencies. They discuss Zaknun’s role with DAO Maker, as well as the business models of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Chris shares his opinion on why Bitcoiners don’t like alt-coins, and the differences between tokens and coins, as well as probable risks of investing in certain currencies. If you’re interested in learning more about different cryptocurrencies and how to invest in crypto, this episode will surely be beneficial!

Chris Zaknun is the CEO of DAO Maker, a powerful company that invests in building safe and secure frameworks for venture capital investing targeting everyday people who use blockchain technology.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[0:10] Chris Zaknun’s Background.
[01:35] Why companies offer new tokens.
[05:30] Ethereum and why people use it.
[07:40] The business model of Ethereum and Bitcoin.
[10:05] Why Bitcoiners don’t talk about other coins
[14:28] Dao Maker and different start-ups they have been involved with.
[18:04] How risky is it to invest in these types of start-ups?
[19:43] How long Chris thinks this “market bull-run” will last.
[22:17] The difference between Dogecoin and Dao Maker.
[23:28] Tokens vs. Coins.
[26:41] Business and their possible use of blockchain.
[29:23] The crypto user experience.
[32:36] Countries adapting to using cryptocurrencies.
[34:14] Taxes and Bitcoin.
[35:57] How to get started with different currencies.
[38:37] The proper way to invest in different currencies.
[40:14] Fan Tokens.
[45:36] How Dao Maker chooses companies to incubate.
[48:18] Bitclout.
[51:27] The different apps for getting into cryptocurrencies.
[55:47] Ethereum and Ethereum 2.0.
[59:31] Find DAO Maker on Twitter @theDAOMaker and TikTok @DAOMaker.

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