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On today’s podcast, I’m happy to introduce Dave Asprey, bulletproof coffee founder, with whom I delve into a new self-driven science, known as biohacking. We tackle many factors that biohacking renders, which society seems to shy away from discussing. We discuss dos and don’ts that relate to sleep quality, fasting, and restrictions that people force on themselves to feel better. We also talk about how external factors like supplements, mold, and plant toxins can impact the mind and body. If you’re interested in this new “do-it-yourself” biology”, this episode will highlight its true nature for you!

Dave Asprey is the Founder & Chairman of Bulletproof. Also described as a “lifestyle guru”, Dave is a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, with a goal to help people perform better in every corner of their lives. He is not only the host of the Webby award-winning podcast Bulletproof Radio, but has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and many more shows.

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Show Notes
[00:00] Intro
[3:30] Mikhaila introduces this episode’s Biohacker guest, Dave Asprey, the man behind bulletproof coffee.
[07:00] The top three bio-hacks that a non-dietary person can change to improve their life and health.
[09:30] The toxins in a regular diet that negatively affect people.
[11:30] How Dave coped with differentiating between his symptoms of Lyme’s disease and toxic mold. For more info, browse:
or for mold testing.
[15:00] Living in an environment of toxic mold and the role of genetics in helping to treat mold sickness.
[19:00] The story behind the Joe Rogan Bulletproof coffee ordeal.
[22:30] Improving sleep quality when switching to a low carb diet.
[34:30] How Mikhaila and Dave truly feel about aged meat.
[37:00] Dave’s tips on reintroducing plants after an all-meat-based diet.
[48:30] Why eating a small number of foods can harm your body.
[50:30] Custom probiotics for individual use:
[52:00] Bio-hacks that didn’t work for Dave.
[56:00] Supplements that Asprey highly recommends to everyone.
[59:00] Fasting from hate.
[1:03:00] Wrapping up the show. If you want to Find more Dave Asprey go to
for more information on toxic mold, and the bulletproof radio podcast

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Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson Instagram) is a 28 year old mother, CEO, health influencer, writer and founder of the Lion Diet, from Toronto, Canada. She has put her idiopathic juvenile arthritis, severe depression (bipolar type II), and chronic fatigue (among other ailments) into remission using The Lion Diet - a beef, salt and water elimination diet. Although it may seem unorthodox, she’s thrived on it for over 2 years. Also recognized for her work with her father, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Canadian psychologist and author), she encourages others to take responsibility for every part of their physical and mental health, and teaches how to dramatically transform one's life by never giving up on yourself.

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