#46 Ben Greenfield – Boundless


​ @Ben Greenfield Fitness is a biohacker, human body and brain performance coach, ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, speaker, and author. Ben Greenfield and Mikhaila Peterson discuss a number of biohacking topics including health food, similarities in many of the most successful diet structures, the impact of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) in your home (like wifi, 5G, and BlueTooth), what structured water is, methylene blue, grounding pads and more.

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Show Notes:
[3:00] Mikhaila starts the episode with Ben Greenfield talking about all the amazing things you can do with tea. They also trade some recipes for beef and liver meals.
[7:00] Mikhaila asks about EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and how dangerous they are to our health? Ben starts by using many examples from the house that he built and currently lives in. There are certainly ways to limit your time in your own home that you may be around harmful frequencies.
[14:30] Mikhaila asks if there are any studies or research comparing people who live in environments that have high level of EMFs and those living in areas with very few EMFs.
[17:30] How minor changes can have a drastic impact on sleep.
[19:00] Mikhaila and Ben start a discussion about structured water. What is structured water and why might it be better for you and worth the effort to create?
[26:00] Carbonated fun drinks and the benefits of stevia over other sweeteners.
[28:30] What is Methylene Blue. Methylene Blue + infrared light makes human cells produce great amounts of ATP leading to increased energy levels and cognition.
[31:00] How infrared light and cold heat exposure benefits the body.
[35:00] Talking about a faraday cage, more on blocking unwanted EMF frequencies.
[36:00] Ben talks about some portable biohacking devices he uses when he travels.
[40:00] What’s the deal with grounding pads?
[43:30] Mikhaila changes the topic over to nutrition. Ben gives thoughts on diets in general and some of the principles he uses in his own eating habits. Greenfield explains his main philosophy with diets, the extreme level of individual variances each person has in their genes, gut health, and biochemistry all lead to very different results in ingesting and digesting varying categories of food.
[48:30] Ben covers some of the overlapping areas of commonality in the most successful worldwide diet types. These include some form of fasting, food is generally consumed in a relaxed state not rushing through mealtime, low intake of processed food, low intake of processed oils.
[52:30] Talking about reintroducing foods after an elimination type diet using colostrum, and the debate on whether humans should even be eating dairy products.

Find more Ben Greenfield on his website, on Twitter @bengreenfield, on Instagram @bengreenfieldfitness, on his podcast, and in his book Boundless

Mikhaila Peterson (@mikhailapeterson Instagram) is a 28 year old mother, CEO, health influencer, writer and founder of the Lion Diet, from Toronto, Canada. She has put her idiopathic juvenile arthritis, severe depression (bipolar type II), and chronic fatigue (among other ailments) into remission using The Lion Diet - a beef, salt and water elimination diet. Although it may seem unorthodox, she’s thrived on it for over 2 years. Also recognized for her work with her father, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Canadian psychologist and author), she encourages others to take responsibility for every part of their physical and mental health, and teaches how to dramatically transform one's life by never giving up on yourself.

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