In this episode, I spoke with men’s style coach Tanner Guzy. With the focus on male fashion shifting dramatically over the last few decades, Tanner thinks a lot of men need a sense of direction, and that finding a style of one’s own is an essential part of self-expression. In Tanner’s words, there’s a need for “aesthetic literacy” that isn’t quite being fulfilled.

We covered several topics related to men’s fashion, such as how personality is expressed through style. We talked about suits and shoes. The changing aesthetic of Western culture and masculinity. The three archetypes of male fashion: rugged, refined, and rakish. We also went into short tangents about Guzy’s personal life, his joys as a father, and his time spent as a missionary for the Church of Latter-day Saints.

Tanner Guzy is a men’s style coach, author, and TEDx speaker. His goal is to help boost men’s confidence and attractiveness by upping their fashion game. He is the author of The Appearance of Power: How Masculinity is Expressed Through Aesthetics.

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Show Notes
[0:00] Intro
[02:05] Presenting this week’s guest, Tanner Guzy
[03:15] “The ability to articulate yourself through your appearance is just as powerful and just as important as it is with written or spoken language.” – Tanner Guzy
[04:05] What’s it like when Tanner starts working with a new client?
[04:55] Are there any “absolutely-no” moments when it comes to style and fashion?
[05:45] The changing aesthetic of Western culture
[10:30] How do you get back into fashion after neglecting your appearance for a while?
[12:10] Focusing on becoming more multidimensional in your look as a man
[15:10] Are men dressing less masculine?
[16:30] How do you get started as a fashion coach?
[18:00] Mikhaila and Tanner go on a tangent about Guzy’s missionary work as a Jehovah’s witness
[21:30] Discussing the three style archetypes in men: rugged, refined, and rakish
[23:30] “As you start to dress in a way that reflects the way you feel on the inside, when you look in the mirror it’s incredibly congruent and authentic to what you feel your style is.” – Tanner Guzy
[25:30] Dressing around certain troublesome parts of the body
[26:50] What shoes are a no-go zone for men in 2021?
[29:00] Recommendations on good outfits for a first date
[32:30] “If you ever see an older guy who is dressed like he is eighteen, it’s because his wife is dressing him. Men and women have different goals when they get dressed: women are looking for youth and vitality and trendiness; men tend to dress more towards the status they have attained in life.” – Tanner Guzy
[33:30] Do not dress in a way that reflects status you haven’t yet obtained
[35:00] How to look good on a budget
[40:30] What expensive brands are actually worth it?
[43:30] Is there a tasteful way to buy things that show status?
[45:00] Where did “don’t wear white after labor day” come from?
[50:30] Creating an iconic style. Famous style icons of the 20th Century
[52:15] Wrapping up

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